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Concept P.O.S. Inc.
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Improve the overall appearance of your retail store shelves with our automatic, self-positioning merchandising systems from Concept P.O.S. Our self-facing shelving units can significantly improve the presentation of the various goods displayed on your shelves at all times. Whatever your requirements, we can provide you with a custom made spring-loaded shelf management system that will definitely improve your branding strategy and your sales.


Concept P.O.S. is a leading supplier of custom made shelf pusher display systems and accessories to help maximize your retail goods visual impact. We pride ourselves on providing quality products and fast delivery, at a very competitive price. Our main goal is to help you improve your overall products presentation, and ultimately improve your bottom line. Our auto-facing shelf displays are custom made to meet just about any product facing requirements. Automatically face up your products, making shelves always look full. Our shelf display systems offer an effective way to improve the presentation of your goods, while saving you time on labor for the restocking and management of the facings.

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  • Labor savings
  • Reduced restocking time
  • Elimination of « refacing » time
  • Accomodates various types of goods
  • Easier for shoppers to locate merchandise
  • Simple and quick installation (no special tools required)
  • Gives displays a permanent and upscale appearance
  • Increased sales

The shelf is the most important visual aspect area in any store

It is where you only have a few seconds to capture the consumers attention. In order to increase sales, shelving areas must be well organised, and have stock presented in an upright position at the front of the shelves. Quality product merchandising displays are essential in order to improve the shopper's overall experience.


Our spring loaded pusher systems are specifically designed to always keep products where they should be, in front of your customers!

Merchandising equipment supplier, price ticket moldings & accessories for retailers

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